Lal Thanga Maligai – Thanga Pudaiyal (Gold khazana) Saving Scheme

Thanga Pudaiyal is a special saving scheme that has been created to help customers plan and buy their desired gold and silver jewellery without having to spend for value addition charges by paying easy monthly installments in advance.

Terms & Conditions

  1. This is a Eleven month equated monthly installment saving scheme.
  2. Customers can choose to pay from minimum Rs 1000/- and so on multiples of Rs 500/- but once decided monthly payment amount shall be fixed.
  3. Gold/Silver equivalent to the monthly installment amount divided by that day’s gold/Silver rate will be updated in the pass book.
  4. Customers can claim jewellery upto the accumulated weight without any V A (Wastage & Making charges), beyond that weight all charges will apply for balance weight.
  5. It’s a crime to use a false name and payment cards. If anyone is caught in all sense, ordering with false information will be prosecuted under the India constitution.
  6. Maximum of 2 installments can be paid at a time, failing which the scheme will deem cancelled and no benefits will be applicable
  7. Special items like Antique, Temple, Diamond, Precious stones like ruby emerald jewellery can aslo be purchased by paying difference wastage and other charges.
  8. GST and other govt taxes applicable are to be borne by the customer at the time of delivery.
  9. Any disputes or claims, the firms decision shall be deemed as final and binding.
  10. All rules and restrictions shall be limited to Arakkonam Municipal Jurisdiction limit.

For Example

Month 22CT Gold Rates Rs. Amount Rs. Weight Gms
1 4545 2000 0.440
2 4630 2000 0.432
3 4850 2000 0.412
4 5100 2000 0.392
5 5230 2000 0.382
6 4950 2000 0.404
7 4740 2000 0.422
8 4591 2000 0.436
9 4875 2000 0.410
10 4625 2000 0.432
11 4495 2000 0.445
22,000 4.608